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Eve is a Certified Personal Trainer and a Nutritional Counselor 


Eve's personal training programs are for men, women and kids who are interested in losing fat and gaining strength and lean muscle mass. These programs offer state of the art exercise science that focus on weight and cardiovascular training.



Eat clean food that tastes great and helps you reach your goals. Eve is experienced as a certified nutrition coach as well as a healthy home chef and can help you reach your physical fitness and wellness goals one bite at a  time.



Get 'Fit with Eve' from the comfort of your own home or anywhere! Take Eve's programming with you wherever you go and never be without your  customized coaching, workouts and nutrition. 

'Fit with Eve' Initial Fitness Consultation

A Fitness Consultation is a 60 min meeting with me to get to know one another and learn more about how I can will help meet you fitness and nutrition goals. During this session we will review your medical and exercise history, and perform a Fitness Assessment to establish your baseline fitness level.

Here's what you can expect me to help you with:

  • Establish realistic goals and set priorities.

  • Discuss the steps you can take toward achieving your goals.

  • Make fitness and nutrition recommendations.

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